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About Us

Paris de la Mode Fashion School is a non-formal educational institution in the field of fashion that was founded in early 2019. Starting from our love of fashion, we want to be a means of education for young people and adults who like fashion to become professionals, so they can help improve the quality of Indonesia’s fashion industry. Paris de la Mode is full of attention in promoting Indonesian culture which has a variety of inspirations and textiles, combined with Parisian style and design techniques.
Through a comprehensive and competent education system with industry standardization and dynamic fashion technology, we focus on developing student interests while providing the skills needed in the fashion market. In collaboration with the Paris Fashion Division and IFA (International Fashion Academy), we offer Fashion and Fashion Business education programs that provide opportunities for students and school graduates to have a learning experience to work in the fashion industry in Indonesia and internationally, especially in Paris.


Become a means of fashion education that can provide direction and real contribution to the creative economy in Indonesia


  • Forming new talents in the fashion world who are ready to face the fashion industry ecosystem
  • Introducing the form of Indonesia’s cultural wealth to the international community.