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Pattern Making And Production

Pattern Making And Production


Pattern Making is a bridge function between design and production. Translate a sketch drawing into a wearable garment by combining the design of fashion drawing, cutting, draping and sewing all garment components to fit in the perfect body figure curves. During the course of study, the student will develop their knowledge and skill sets from Basic, Intermediate until Advance level. To begin from basic, students will learn how to interpret human body figure and simple methods of sewing basic dress. In Advance Level student will master various type of fashion clothing type and study about pattern making software for production or garment industry

Program Study

  • Women’s Wear
  • Men’s Wear
  • kid’s Wear
  • Underwear
  • Wedding Dress
  • Beach Wear
  • Modest Wear
  • Kebaya Class
  • Moulage Class
  • Embroidery

Our Syllabus

  • Pattern Making and Production
  • Pattern Draftin
  •  Sewing Technique
  • Fabric Knowledge
  •  Customize Size Pattern Drafting
  • Moulage/Draping
  •  Embroidery